HPL Proto’s expertise and precision equipment (with huge milling, turning and machining capacities) mean we can make almost any automotive prototype you require. Here’s a step-by-step guide to an offshore monorail project we recently carried out ...

Step 1
The client produced a series of renderings of his vision for the monorail design and selected a chosen theme.

Step 2
The design was developed by CAD (computer-aided design) and the data was issued to HPL Proto.

Step 3
This is where illusion started becoming reality. HPL Proto used the data to develop block-up plots for the workshop and to create tool paths for the machining of the models. We produced build-ups in model board and the models were machined on our large five-axis milling machine. After milling, we hand-worked the surfaces so they became smooth. The model was painted in the client’s chosen colour and design, then viewed and signed off by the client.

Step 4
HPL Proto produced mould tools in glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). Parts were taken from the moulds in GRP. The parts were trimmed and hand-finished.

Step 5
We assembled the parts and fitted them to the main sub-frame and bogie (provided by the client). Once everything was in the correct place, we dismantled the parts, painted them to show-quality standard and then reassembled everything.

The entire process was carried out in 12-14 weeks.

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