HPL Proto has world-class expertise, high-precision equipment and years of experience in automotive prototyping, which means we can design and manufacture just about anything for you...

From bespoke architectural features, a giant version of your bestselling product for trade shows through to working props for theatre productions, we’ll turn your visions into reality. However big, wacky or impossible-sounding they
may be.

We’ve spent many years building prototypes in the automotive and aerospace sectors – a line of work which requires accuracy, skill and a complex understanding of materials engineering. Our clients include Bentley and Mclaren, so you can be sure that HPL Proto is qualified to turn your brief into something brilliant.

Our engineers can work in various grades of modelling board, clay, foam or paste to make sure your product not only has the look you’re after, but is strong enough to withstand its intended use. Finally, we’ll paint it to show-quality standards.

So whether you need a giant teacup for your trade exhibition or a walkthrough dolls’ house for a TV show, the opportunities are as limitless as your imagination.