HPL Proto’s expertise comes into play once your CAD (computer-aided design) drawings are ready: that’s when our engineers take your brief, interrogate the design and turn your vision into full-size, 3D reality.

Whether you need a foam model to work out the volume, space and ‘feel’ of a new vehicle, or a pristine representation complete with interior to exhibit at a motor show, we’ll be there at every step to guide you. Years of experience allow us to react quickly to your design changes, keeping time and costs firmly under control.

We can work with various grades of modelling board, clay, foam and paste to rapidly produce prototypes for visual review and build your showroom-quality prototype onto a chassis.

If the result needs to be refined or reshaped – even by a millimetre or two – we will scan the final model back into your CAD system. This reverse engineering technique allows for fluidity in design and precision in fulfilment.

For more information on our world-class services or to discuss your requirements contact HPL Proto today on 024 7640 7700 or email enquiries@hplp.co.uk