HPL Proto builds driveable and non-driveable vehicle prototypes to ensure you get the perfect shape, feel and look from your design before moving on to working models.

You supply us with CAD drawings and brief us on what you need, which might be...
  • A full-size model of the vehicle, with a whole or split view
  • A precise interior, complete with detailed trim
  • A showroom-quality painted full-scale model for exhibitions

...then we turn your design vision into a prototype of world-class quality in just six to eight weeks. Our knowledge, experience and discretion have attracted clients such as Bentley and Mclaren, so you know you’re in excellent hands.

Find out how we work...

For more information on our world-class services or to discuss your requirements contact HPL Proto today on 024 7640 7700 or email enquiries@hplp.co.uk